Thursday, December 29, 2005

Secret Paw

I have had a very good day today! First, my mother dropped a chicken nugget (my favorite) on the floor and then I got a present! I got a secret paw gift! I am very pleased with what I received. It is a mouse that is weighed down a little (just so I do not have to chase it as far) with a long tail that has a ball with catnip in it attached to the end.

This is such a smart idea! I bet the cat that invented this toy has made so much catnip, he must be rolling in it. I also received a bag of “yummy chummies” and a bag of cat treats. Sorry, no pictures. They are in a shiny bag, the glare made it look like a lightbulb! Anyway, my mother gave us some of both and they don’t call them yummy for nothing! I was kind enough to share all of my gifts with my brother Jamesie, on the condition that I could share his. We made a wonderful bargain! We are very thankful to both of our secret paws and wish everyone a joyous season! Thank you to my secret paw, Charlie and Pandora! Bless be!


Blogger charlie said...

we are glad you liked your Secret Paw :-)

Next year we'll make sure Mama does it all in time.....


7:39 AM  

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