Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Moved things, why?

It is snowing and icing here in Virginia. We are experiencing a cold week. I love it! I am happy right where I am. My mother has been cleaning and she moved my things. (Insert kitty sigh) I have asked her repeatedly not to move my things. It makes everything different. I have to walk around and get the feel of own home back. I get no respect. She did turn on all of the other heat so I will only punish her a little. A small lick on her ear from my sandpaper tongue or maybe I will jump up on top of her while she is asleep. That should teach her a lesson. Then I will allow her to apologize by rubbing me and cuddling me while I sleep. Hum… that sounds wonderful. I will have to try to see if she will fall for that. I will let you know. Bless be.


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