Thursday, December 22, 2005

Mice in the house

What did I tell you? Jamesie and his poor mouse killing skills have shown themselves to be outrageous. We had not one, not two, but three mice in my house. My mother bought this no kill mousetrap and there were three of them in the trap today. I could not believe my eyes! Three invaders in my space.

While my mother was getting her coat on to go free the little invaders I was looking through the top on the trap telling them not to come back! Why in the world she lets them go I will never know. They might just come back! Although she does take them down to the barn (no animals, just empty) so that they are less likely to hike back up to the house. I say when you need a trap just go snap! No need to walk them anywhere just dispose of it and that is all. I am glad they are gone, one-way or the other. I like to prowl my house without running into strangers! Bless be.


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