Thursday, December 29, 2005

Sniff sniff

Ha-ha. That is my brother! I did not cut off his head in the picture. He was trying to sniff the camera. I just thought it was funny and that I would share! He can be such a pain, but I love him anyway. Have a great day! Bless be.

Secret Paw

I have had a very good day today! First, my mother dropped a chicken nugget (my favorite) on the floor and then I got a present! I got a secret paw gift! I am very pleased with what I received. It is a mouse that is weighed down a little (just so I do not have to chase it as far) with a long tail that has a ball with catnip in it attached to the end.

This is such a smart idea! I bet the cat that invented this toy has made so much catnip, he must be rolling in it. I also received a bag of “yummy chummies” and a bag of cat treats. Sorry, no pictures. They are in a shiny bag, the glare made it look like a lightbulb! Anyway, my mother gave us some of both and they don’t call them yummy for nothing! I was kind enough to share all of my gifts with my brother Jamesie, on the condition that I could share his. We made a wonderful bargain! We are very thankful to both of our secret paws and wish everyone a joyous season! Thank you to my secret paw, Charlie and Pandora! Bless be!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Mice in the house

What did I tell you? Jamesie and his poor mouse killing skills have shown themselves to be outrageous. We had not one, not two, but three mice in my house. My mother bought this no kill mousetrap and there were three of them in the trap today. I could not believe my eyes! Three invaders in my space.

While my mother was getting her coat on to go free the little invaders I was looking through the top on the trap telling them not to come back! Why in the world she lets them go I will never know. They might just come back! Although she does take them down to the barn (no animals, just empty) so that they are less likely to hike back up to the house. I say when you need a trap just go snap! No need to walk them anywhere just dispose of it and that is all. I am glad they are gone, one-way or the other. I like to prowl my house without running into strangers! Bless be.

The heat is on

I have wonderful news the weather is getting colder. This means that my humans will turn on the heat. I like to spend my days lying beside the heater feeling all warm inside while I sleep. I supervised my mother when she got the heater out. It is one of the portable ones you use if it isn’t to cold. So got it out and plugged it up. I was right there. Why would I be anywhere else? I am warm and happy while I lay there. That is what I call kitty heaven. The only dark spot on my world of warmth is my brother. He is a pain in the tail! He will run down the hall at me as fast as he can go and attack me! He never hurts me but I mean I was SLEEPING. Just because he is up and wants to play does not mean that I do. I object to being housed with such a beast. Maybe I can talk my mother into a tranquilizer for him. Bless be.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Moved things, why?

It is snowing and icing here in Virginia. We are experiencing a cold week. I love it! I am happy right where I am. My mother has been cleaning and she moved my things. (Insert kitty sigh) I have asked her repeatedly not to move my things. It makes everything different. I have to walk around and get the feel of own home back. I get no respect. She did turn on all of the other heat so I will only punish her a little. A small lick on her ear from my sandpaper tongue or maybe I will jump up on top of her while she is asleep. That should teach her a lesson. Then I will allow her to apologize by rubbing me and cuddling me while I sleep. Hum… that sounds wonderful. I will have to try to see if she will fall for that. I will let you know. Bless be.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Nip nip

I am posting today to say a heartfelt thank you to Sanjee, Boni, Mini, and their mother. They sent a package of nip to our house through the mail. Our mother did not tell us that it was coming so it was a great surprise. They sent my brother and me both blue bags of nip. There was also a pendent. It turned out to be my mothers. We love all of our stuff! I can go and have my nip by myself now while my brother can use his. My mother has been wearing her pendent everywhere and keeps telling everybody where they can get their own so I hope that they order one. Maybe I could convince my mother to get me a jeweled collar. I do not like my regular collar. Maybe she can buy me something from S, B, M, & M. I think she will, she was talking about buy some more nip after ours is gone. I believe she will look for me something shiny. After all, she loves me. So anyway, thank you very, very much! We love it all! Bless be.