Monday, November 28, 2005


Hello, Happy Thanksgiving! It is turkey day here at my house. My great grandmother cooked the turkey for my mother because she is having seizures. I don not care who cooked it I just want my share. I love turkey! It is my favorite food. When my mother gives us canned or pouch food, I always say I want turkey. I do not always get my way but that is okay sometimes she buys fish and beef. Yummy! Well I am off to enjoy a turkey and ham cat feast. I just wanted to say hi and wish everyone a wonderful holiday. Bless be.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I am posting to whish my mother a happy birthday! She is a great mother. I give her a hard time sometimes but I love her. I will have to be extra special nice to her today. She is my friend and mother. She talks to me when I meow at her. She holds my paws when I am ill. She will wipe the loose fur from my back when I shed. How much more could I ask of her? She is wonderful. She is always a good mother even when I have been bad. She even walks around the house with me perched on her shoulder, the left on that is not hurt. I may pick and grumble about some of the restrictions in my life but overall I have the best life I could ever ask for. Therefore, I will take the day out of my schedule to wish my mother a great day and a cat-filled year! Bless be.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The birds

I am watching all of the birds fly around the yard right now. My mother threw some bread out and they are coming to get it. They are just cute. I am cat enough to admit to liking the way a bird looks. The little purple finches look really tasty! I may watch but in my mind, I am tracking and eating. I used to be a hunter and still am on occasion. I would bring things in the house for my mother and she would scream and run or jump up on a piece of furniture. She just does not know how to say thank you very well. Let me see, I brought her a snake and rabbit that I had not quite killed so they got away in the house and had to be tracked down and removed. So I started to leave my “presents” on the front porch. She was much happier with this arrangement. I did not get any kind of awards mind you, but I did get some extra attention. I will sit here for a while longer and watch all the pretty birds fly right to the bait. Wait that should have been, fly straight to the offered food for all of natures animals. Sound better? Bless be.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Mouse Invader

We have had an intruder in my house. My brother was sitting really still in the hallway (this is odd for him) when he jumped forward and get a mouse in his mouth! I was walking up the hall to inspect his mouse when he shook it and I saw its back leg move. He does not even know how to kill a mouse. This could be good or bad. He dropped the mouse and it ran away. Can you believe it? He probably hurt the mouse and then just dropped it. Hey even I don not want an animal to suffer needlessly. I know that it is cold outside so I guess that is why it came in. Still you think it would go next door to the dog people’s house. Why would you come into a house where there are two cats? Silly little mouse. So we are looking to see if we can find it or not. I wonder if it is still alive. I kind of hope so because dead mouse smell in the house is not exactly my favorite smell. Bless be.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Christopher is eight now

You all may be wondering who Christopher is, I will tell you. He is my human cousin. Today is his eighth birthday and I wanted to send him a message. I wanted to say that even though we do not see that much of each other anymore, I still love you just the same. Distance does not separate you from me as long as I close my eyes and am able to see your face. I do this often and pray for you nightly. I wish you all the best on your special day and send lots of love and kisses to you too! We all love and miss you very much. TTYL Crystalqueen, Snoodleroo, Auntie Am, and Grandma
Maybe we will see each other at Christmas! Love you!